The Breville Juicer 800CPXL Citrus Press is the Best Citrus Juicer You’ve Ever Seen

by Jim

This Breville citrus juicer exhibits all the basic features of a commercial citrus juicer but is more manageable in its size and ease to clean.   Your palms won’t hurt ever again if you use this machine.  This is a bigger than average electric citrus reamer but it is so sharp looking you need to check it out.

Here are some of my favorite features of the Breville Citrus juicer 800CPXL :

The brushed die-cast casing and motor body looks super clean and professional. Plus it is easy to wipe down and keep clean. It looks like it is from a restaurant.

The feature I like the best is the juicing cone and press arm. I juice a lot of oranges because I have an orange tree in my backyard. My palm starts to really get sore after a dozen oranges on a regular citrus juicer. With this machine the speed and ease I can juice a lot of oranges and remain pain free is an awesome thing.

You have to lower the arm and juicing cone down before the reamer will start. This is a nice safety feature.

This Breville juicer is more heavy duty than most motorized citrus juicers. It sits around 17″ high and weighs close to 20 pounds. That sturdiness really helps when juicing a lot of oranges and is my main complaint about cheaper citrus juicers. They are so light you really have to push oranges down hard. This again is what hurts my hands. The Breville is user friendly by comparison and smoother to juice on.

The reamer and bowl size can accommodate medium sized grapefruit as easily as limes. A lot of citrus juicers are too small to fit grapefruit. You make a mess as the grapefruit slips over the sides of the bowl. To be honest larger grapefruit are more of a challenge. It can be hard to get at all the pulp area with the reamer. It is still better than any other citrus juicer I’ve tried.

Common to many citrus juicers like the Tribest Citristar, you can tilt up the spout so you don’t drip on the counter when you pull your full glass of orange juice away.

The 800CPXL citrus press comes with 2 stainless steel filters so you can choose to have more or less pulp in your juice. Stainless steel is really easy to clean and when offered on any machine, I favor getting it.

These juicers like all Breville juicers are built like tanks and will last a lifetime.

The Breville Citrus juicer 800CPXL is the best consumer-grade citrus juicer you’ll be able to find on the market. There just isn’t anything else out there that hold a candle to it. If you want an excellent designated citrus juicer that is motorized and super easy to use, this is the model to get.

Note:  Some consumers have complained the plastic gear on these can strip.  The part is said by some people to be hard to find too.  Breville USA said they made changes in the juicer and there should no longer be issues.  The replacement part in question is still made but sometimes is on back order.

One place you can get the part is here.

The number of machines that were sold several years ago that had this issues is minor in comparison to the number of units sold.  Still I thought it was important to let you know about it.


The video below is good.  It demonstrates the juicer in action and all its parts.

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