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My name is Jim Rubel and I’m a working rock bass player who can often be seen playing at Disneyland, CA about five days a month.   I am currently in the Tomasina band as well as working with the Stellar Show band.  We play a lot of weddings and corporate events through out the year as well as working at Disney. On occasion I do freelance bass work as well with bands around Southern California.

I’d also consider myself a “Jack of all trades” since I’ve had a number of jobs that each differ from the last.

Jobs that have come and gone are: Chief of operations for Katin Surf Clothing company, an advertising salesman for Surf News Magazine and recently a render artist for an architectural firm in downtown Los Angeles.

Now I’m back to playing music full time and creating “Original” websites on subjects that interest me such as health and nutrition.

As I have gotten older I’ve felt more of a need to take charge of my health as many other baby boomers have.  That has been compounded by the fact that a lot of my friends are starting to have serious health issues and that has motivated me to make changes.  (You can watch the short video on my Home page or check out this blog post for more information on my health scares.)

While I do eat fruit and vegetables, there is no way I eat enough of them. From all the articles and books I’ve read on maintaining health, I now feel the benefits of juicing are too great to pass up.

When I started looking at different juicers I was interested in, I got overwhelmed with all the stuff.  Then I got really interested in all the different types of juicers and how they worked.  There seems to be a lot of hype out there concerning juicers which is confusing.  I’m not a super scientific guy but I like things that work well.  I started buying different juicers and trying them out and making videos reviews on them.  So my interest has kind of gone from hobby to business.  I actually make a little money from this website with affiliate programs like Amazon.  You can see my Disclaimer – Disclosure statement to read more about that.

So I started this blog and website bestjuiceextractorreviews.com to review the different juicers to try to help steer other people toward the better juicers and away from the not very functional juicers.  However, the site is growing and I will be covering more nutrition based subjects as I come across them.  For example, I will share recipes for healthy foods my wife cooks up or I make.

Thanks for visiting the site and I hope you find what you are looking for.

Jim Rubel