The Super Angel Life juicer is the most impressive twin gear juicer you have ever seen

by Jim

The Super Angel Life juicer has all the ingredients to make it the Ferrari of juicers. Its quality of construction is top notch and its anti-bacterial stainless steel design makes it the center piece of any kitchen. The Super Angel 5500 is said to juice anything you want to juice well. Its surgical-grade twin gears turn at a slow 86 rpm’s so juice quality will be at the very best level as it is with all twin gear juicers.

The heavy duty parts are all stainless steel so they won’t break. (Not that ever happens with any of the other juicers with plastic part but stainless steel is definitely not going to break if you drop it on the kitchen floor.)  And they are dishwasher safe. The Super Angel juice extractor weighs less than 21 pounds and comes with a 10 year warranty. This is closest thing to a Norwalk Juicer that isn’t a Norwalk juicer.

So okay… It sounds fantastic. I want one. How much are they? Oh, you can expect to pay around $1050 or so for this Rolls Royce of juicers.  I guess I’ll have to save for a long time. But if I had the money, I’d consider buying one. Stainless steel is much easier to clean and keep clean than plastic is. These machines are famously quiet and I’m sure it produces about the driest pulp of the all the twin gear juicers.

Here is a video below that I didn’t make but I thought demonstrated the Angel pretty well.  I would say the one drawback I can see with this juicer is the gear mechanism sticks out so far the juicer gets off balance.  You can see when vegetables are put into the chute and the tamper is used, the machine tilts up a bit.  It is not the end of the world but that is not an issue I have with my Green Star or Omega auger juicers.

On Amazon you can read people’s reviews and almost all are 5 stars.  I think review average out to about 4 and half stars.  Even the people that gave it less than stellar remarks seemed to just be confused by operating instructions.  They still felt the machine itself was quite good.

Here are even more specifications and details of the Super Angel juice extractor.

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