Breville Five Speed Juicer – Ikon BJE510 Offers More Juicing Control Than Ever Before

by Jim

The Breville Ikon five speed juicer BJE510 features a five speed control whereby a LCD screen display lets you know the speed you are at. And if this wasn’t enough, it will also make suggestions as to what speed to use for different types of vegetables and fruit. This is a very helpful control to have on a centrifugal self-ejecting pulp juicer. You will get a much higher juice yield because you can slow the grinder speed to the type of fruit you are juicing. In comparison most centrifugal juicers cannot do this. This juicer has a 900 watt motor that is capable of speeds between 6,500 to 13,000 RPMs to help get the job done correctly.

You will not find any bad product reviews on the Breville Ikon five speed juicer BJE510 . At around the $200+ range everyone feels the juicer is more than worth that price.

Here are some other advantages to this Breville juice extractor:

This juicer features a titanium blade that cuts through even dense vegetables like butter.

Cleaning is a breeze because it doesn’t have nooks and crevices in and around the bowl. This is often a complaint with Juiceman, Jack Lalanne, Hamilton Beach and other centrifugal juicers. All the grooves and rims make cleaning them a pain but not with this Breville or any of the other Breville Juice Fountain juicers in their line. They have made a conscious effort in design to round all edges and cut your cleaning time. You may not think this is such a big deal but for me it is. My old Braun Mp80 has a rim on the inside of the basket that is a huge drag to clean. I have to deal with it every time I use that machine and it is a pain.

The feeder tube is larger than normal. It is actually 3 1/4″ as compared to 3″ which is the norm for big mouth juicer chutes. This larger tube helps keep produce prep time down to a minimum. Although I personally wouldn’t pack the chute with fruit and vegetables as I doubt the juice yield is good when you do that. Let the juicer take its time and grind the vegetables at a comfortable rate of speed. Don’t overtax it by loading it down with too much stuff to grind up.

The cutter blades are simple to remove unlike the Jack Lalanne juicers which require more steps to take apart and put together.


For a centrifugal juicer it’s relatively quiet. Breville does a good job of making centrifugal juicers that are quieter than the other juicers on the market. Most juicers of this type sound like jet engines. The Breville juicers are less loud than most blenders.

I can only see two disadvantages to this juicer if they can even be called that.

The first disadvantage might be to the physical size of this juicer. It’s tall at 19.5″ high. So it will need some headroom which many smaller kitchens may not have. It also weighs 17 pounds which some people feel is heavy but not really if you consider it needs to be heavy enough to be sturdy at that height.

Some people feel the customer service for Breville is top-notch. Others disagree and say it is lacking. Having been in customer service a number of years I choose to believe some people are just difficult and no matter what you do, you cannot please them. And the more things get messed up and the person gets upset, the harder it is to make things right. So this may be a moot point.

In conclusion because this juicer has the added 5 speed feature along with all the other fine design Breville has put into it, I feel this Breville five speed juicer would be an excellent enhancement to anyone’s life who is looking to improve their health and get the most out of their produce dollars. It will be hard to find another centrifugal juicer outside the Breville line that does as good a job as this juicer does.

At the time of this revisit to this juicer, I found around 584 customer reviews of this juicer at Amazon.  That is a lot.  And the overall rating was 4 and a half stars, which is pretty stellar.  That is an excellent indication of how good this juicer is in the public’s mind.

Here are even more specifications and details of the Breville Ikon five speed juicer BJE510 .

I think you might be able to get this juicer for around $200 plus range here.  Most other places it runs higher.

Here is a video demonstrating the juicer.  I did not make it.  One of the things I like about this video though is that I think it shows some of the flaws in this type of design.  Unless you have seen some of the other single-auger juicers and twin gears in action, you may not notice it.  For example, the juicer does not process many items as well which is evidenced by the large size of the ejected pulp.  However, this is still a very good juicer and many love it.  It just is not as much to my liking as other juicers.

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