The Omega 8003 juicer is my best rated juicer because it took care of the majority of my needs. This particular juicer uses what is known as a dual screen single auger to process produce into juice. Some people consider it a masticating juicer. However, in my mind, it is not a true masticating juicer like a Champion juicer which cuts, chews the pulp and then presses the juice through a screen. The device doesn’t cut or chew as much as it mashes the pulp forward into the end of a cone using the pressure of the spinning auger. This process extracts the juice.

I made these video reviews of the Omega 8003 below and they should be helpful if you’ve never seen how this machine works.

Please do read on below the videos because I flush out all my reasons for why this juicer is my favorite.

I found this juicer could do almost everything I wanted and only came up short on a few small points.

Here are all the needs and concerns I had that this juicer fulfilled for me:

I feel this vegetable and fruit juicer is super quiet. The crunching of carrots was louder than the actual motor. I can easily juice in the morning or night without waking the neighbors or my wife.

The motor is strong and hums with authority. The construction of this juicer is solid and Omega backs it up with 10 year warranty. That’s insane it’s such a good warranty.

The mechanical process by which the Omega 8003 uses to crush the produce is less harsh on the fruit and vegetables and thereby I feel extracts more of the nutriments from the produce than say a fast spinning and shredding centrifugal juicer does. I do like this idea whether I truly know if it’s true or not. But common sense seems to dictate that that it is the case. You can read more about juice quality issues here. By the way, the Omega 8005 juicer is the exact same machine as the 8003 but comes in a chrome finish.

It juices leafy vegetables like spinach and wheatgrass well. This is due to the slow turning single auger style of crunching and crushing the leaves. It doesn’t violently shred things like the centrifugal juicer machines do. This is one of the reasons I wanted this juice extractor in the first place. I wanted a wheatgrass juicer and I was pleased to find out it did this exceedingly well.

The juice yield seems to be much better compared to my old Braun centrifugal juicer. The pulp is drier and if need be, I can easily put it back through the juicer for a tiny bit more juice. The dual screen system seems to help extract most of the juice very well. In fact I put the pulp from the Braun centrifugal juicer I have into the Omega 8003 and got several extra tablespoons of juice.

The carrot pulp on the left is from the Omega 8003 and much drier than the pulp from the Braun centrifugal juicer on the right.

Another reason I feel this is the best all around juicer is because it is so easy to clean. I’ve come to the conclusion that all juice extractors require a certain amount of cleaning and it is just going to take time to do that cleaning. If you want the benefits of juicing, you will spend some time cleaning the parts and there is no way around that. With that said I still felt the clean-up for this machine was fast.

There are only a few parts which makes this the easiest juicer to clean.

The Omega 8003 is simple. Once you understand how the parts fit together it’s really a breeze to work with. I also enjoy the folding handle on top that makes moving the machine around much easier. The handle is a small idea but a good one.

For those people that are concerned about heat destruction of enzymes I have to say this machine does a very good job of keeping that issue to a minimum. The auger turns slowly and doesn’t appear to generate much noticeable heat. Granted the process of crushing and squeezing the vegetable matter through a small screen will cause friction, I just don’t feel it’s as big a deal for the average person as it has been made out to be in the press. The Omega juicer does a great job of not making this issue seem plausible.

And that goes for the oxidation issue as well. All juicers are going to introduce some amount of oxygen into the juice just because of the mechanical process of extraction. Oxidation is going to happen at some level. This machine did a pretty good job of keeping that from happening as much. However, the amount of foam can be different depending on the make-up of the fruit or vegetables being juiced. I juiced a carrot in the centrifugal juicer and then in the Omega 8003 juicer. There was a lot more foam with the centrifugal. But when I juiced an apple in the Omega it still ended up making some foam. Apples aren’t as dense as carrots so more air was introduced. I feel that is just going to happen.

The carrot juice on the below left was done with the Omega juice extractor and has far less foam than the centrifugal juicer produced on the right. Notice the juice color from the Omega appears darker and richer. The carrots were all taken from the same bag so it’s not different batches that is making that color changes. It’s the juicers!

You can use it as a food processor and grind coffee beans, flour, garlic, etc.

There are also several attachments that come with the machine if you wish to make nut butters, baby food, frozen desserts, pasta and other things. I personally didn’t buy it for any of that but maybe I’ll end up using it for that later.

This machine is cheaper than a Green Star juice extractor and a lot easier to clean. It may give slightly less yield and a lower quality of juice but I think that’s up for debate. Plus to be honest I doubt I can tell the difference in juice quality enough to warrant me spending another couple hundred bucks for a Green Star.

The Omega Company is solid and parts are easy to find.

These were the slight disadvantages I found with this juicer:

You do have to prep food to fit down the chute. The feeder chute is small in diameter so it is best to cut up anything large to make it fit or be more manageable. I even cut up spinach leaves into smaller bunches and feed them slowly into the juicer. Juicing is just going to require some prep I’ve discovered. I don’t feel there is any way around that just as with the juicer cleaning issue. Both have to be done but the benefits are outstanding so you’ve got to do it.

This is not a fast juicing machine. I take my time with it and don’t stuff the feeder chute so full it clogs up. If you want a really fast juicer, look at centrifugal juicers. They grind things up quick with very little prep work. You’ll be trading time saved juicing and prepping the vegetables against juice quality and in most cases an extended cleaning time.

It’s not the greatest at juicing carrots. Carrots are dense and I feel the machine fights with whole ones fed into the chute. The auger doesn’t have the sharp blades of a centrifugal extractor like a Breville juicer or the cutting blade of a Champion juicer. It’s not efficient at chewing up whole carrots. It takes some time to juice a few carrots. But if you cut them up, it will do just fine and it will be faster with less stress on the machine.

This machine is not the best at juicing some fruit. That’s what I like my centrifugal for or I use a blender and make a smoothie. Soft fruit like bananas, strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, etc. are better blended. Pineapple is also better blended. I tried pineapple in the Omega 8003 juicer and it did get juice out of it but it got very foamy inside the auger tube. There was not a great juice yield from pineapple. It is better in the centrifugal but still comes out with a very wet pulp. But the Omega 8003 did do apples and oranges well enough. You can get a high quality glass of orange juice including the nutrients from the pith with this juicer. I peel the orange rind off with a knife and cut up the citrus into wedges. It works well.

Overall I’m thrilled with my purchase of the Omega juicer.

I love how quiet it is and the mechanical action it works by. The juice quality seems better and the juice yield definitely trumps my old centrifugal.

I paid about $229 for mine plus shipping. I felt that was a very reasonable price to start changing my life and health. It definitely gets my vote for the best juicer for the money because it met my needs on many levels.

Check here for more specifications on the Omega 8003 juicer and good prices.

The only difference between the Omega 8005 juicer and Omega 8003 is that the 8005 comes in a chrome finish. Otherwise they are the same machine.

Check here for more specifications on the Omega 8005 juicer If you are more interested in a chrome finish then check out Omega 8005 juicer prices as well.

Note:  The Omega 8003 is great for a beginning juicer unless you are an impatient person. There is a little more prep work than say a big mouth Breville Juice Fountain or another centrifugal but I feel the trade off is worth it. Plus I can juice wheatgrass and other leafy greens which I can’t in a centrifugal well. And the price seems very reasonable.

If you are going to juice mainly carrots and hard fruit like apples or pears and you want to do them really fast, I wouldn’t get this machine. While this juicer can do those items, it’s not designed to do lots of them at break neck speed. To save juicing time get a centrifugal like the L’equip Mini Model 110.5 below or the Breville Juice Fountain Plus JE95XL. You’ll be happier with that because you can grind up tons of carrots and apples quickly.

L’equip Mini Model 110.5 is an excellent centrifugal juicer for a beginning juicer

I learned a bunch about wheatgrass on this site. I thought it was interesting and you might too. Grow & Juice Your Own Wheat Grass – Kits, juicers, supplies and information for growing and juicing wheat grass, barley grass. Sprouting Supplies.


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