The Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer BJE200XL is a good starter juicer at around a price of $100

by Jim

If you are a beginning juicer or are looking for a good juicer around the $100 range, the Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer BJE200XL is one of the best juicers in this price range. I paid close to $100 for my old Braun MP80 and that juicer isn’t nearly as good as this 700 watt Breville juicer. You will be hard pressed to find any negative product reviews on it. The negative comments you do find sound like they are coming from people who don’t know how to use the machine right or understand what limitations the juicer has.

This juicer replaces the old Breville JE900 model and is more powerful and simpler in its design. This Breville juice extractor is a centrifugal juicer but not a self ejecting type like the JE900 is. You do have to clean out the vegetable and fruit pulp after about every 1.5 quarts of juice are made. However, it is easy and fast to clean as shown in the video. (See videos below.) It seems to get a very good yield out of the produce too. In fact it might be producing a better yield than many centrifugal self-ejecting juicers on the market. The pulp is pretty darn dry. The 750 watt motor which spins the shredding blades and filtering basket at 14,000 RPM is more than enough to get your budget minded juicing needs fulfilled.

Here are some other positive points this Breville juicer review would like to make:

1)  For a centrifugal juicer this compact Breville is relatively quiet. Many centrifugal juice extractors can sound like jet engines but this one is pretty quiet. This is due probably to the fact that it is not a pulp ejecting type. Those tend to be the loudest juicers.

2)  The feeder tube sits directly over the juicer’s cutting blades. This helps the juicer stay balanced as you put larger chunks of fruit and vegetables down the 3″ wide tube. Many centrifugal juicers tend to wander around on the counter because their feeder tubes sit to one side on the machine. This tends to throw them out of balance. That’s not a problem with this and other Breville juicers. (Breville juicers were designed from the beginning to handle the big mouth feeder tubes. Many cheaper brands like the Jack Lalanne power juicer and the Hamilton Beach juicers were retro fitted with big mouth feeder tubes but not designed that way first. So these tend to be less effective at juicing large items.)

3)  Although it is said to be compact, it does sit 16″ high. However, this is good because it makes sure the spout is high enough to fit good sized glasses and the juice pitcher underneath it. Another centrifugal juicer I like, the L’equip Mini Model 110.5 pulp ejector juicer, sits a bit low on the counter. Therefore the spout is lower and you can’t fit bigger glasses under it. It is cramped. This is a bit inconvenient I felt and is one reason I prefer the Breville BJE200XL over it.

4)  I like the way the top of this juicer is clipped on. The safety locking bar is sturdy and easy to click into position. This is typical of all Breville Juice Fountain juicers and I prefer this design style over the clips used on Omega 1000 juicers or the L’equip machines. It feels more solid and sure. I don’t worry about a clip breaking off.

5)  For some people, one disadvantage to this juicer is it must be periodically cleaned out in order to continue juicing. This juicer does not eject the pulp and so the juicing process is not continuous if you put a lot of produce through it.  It works in a way like the spin cycle of a washing machine. All the pulp collects to the outside of the bowl on the inside. You can see how this works in the video below. When there is too much pulp, you have to empty the bowl out before continuing to juice. This can slow down the juicing process for some people who like to juice continuously. The trade off is said to be in price and possibly juice yield. I personally don’t feel it’s that big a deal and this Breville compact is still a best buy especially if you are only making a glass or two of juice at a time.  If you were making 5 big glasses at one time, you would have to clean it out before finishing but not for one or two glasses.

If you want the convenience of a self-ejecting pulp juicer for just a few bucks more I suggest looking at the Breville Juice Fountain Plus JE95XL juicer.

Breville juicers are well manufactured, durable and well designed. For a beginning juicer or experienced juicer on a budget, I feel this Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer BJE200XL or its chrome cousin model BJE200CXL are an excellent choice. This is a much better choice than a Jack Lalanne power juicer or a Juiceman juicer because both of those brands have had many noted quality issues over the last several years.

For more specifications and good prices on the Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer BJE200XL.  There are tons of reviews from people about this product here.  Overall I think the rating ends up being about 4 1/2 stars, which is very good.

This video gives a good demonstration of the juicer’s capabilities.  I did not make this video.

This video below shows how the juicer is cleaned.  You can see that it does not self eject the pulp and that is how this juicer is different from the majority of centrifugal juicers available.  Since there is no ejector bin, there is actually one less piece to clean so this juicer ends up being faster to clean.  Pretty cool.

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