The Omega Juicer O2 Pulp Ejector is a Low Cost Entry Level Juicer that is Easy to Clean

by Jim

The Omega O2 juicer is very similar to the Omega 4000 juicer. Both of these juicers are pulp ejecting centrifugal juicers. They share similar 250 watt motors that can spin the 1 pound cutting blade. The Omega 4000 rotates its cutting blades and filter basket at a lower 5200 RPMs. The O2, because it is smaller and considered a compact, must rotate at a higher 6200 RPMs. The price difference is roughly $100. At around $100 the O2 juicer is definitely worth taking a look at if you are considering getting into juicing.

Some of the positive notes about this juicer are:

  • If you line the pulp ejection bin with a plastic bag, your clean up time is cut way down. The rest of the juicer is pretty easy to clean as well. The stainless steel bowl will not stain and makes removing excess vegetable pulp from it painless. Omega juicers are well designed with rounded corners and an absence of nooks and grooves that can catch pulp. This helps make clean up a snap. This type of feature you’ll find on better built juicers but you won’t find it on juicers advertised on infomercials or store bought machines.
  • The compact size of this juicer makes it excellent for apartments and small kitchens. It will not take up a lot of space that some of the more powerful juicers do.
  • This centrifugal juicer makes juicing a quick process. Its shredder will make short work of many fruits and vegetables. You won’t spend much time juicing.
  • If fruits and vegetables are fed into the larger than average feeder tube at a steady rate, the pulp will come out fairly dry. This proves that a good juice yield is being created.
  • This appliance like all Omega juice extractors is quiet and well built. This is why this particular model has a 5 year warranty on it. The beefier Omega 4000 juicer actually has a 15 year warranty which shows you how sure Omega is of their products.
  • The customer service most people experience is considered excellent.

There are a few possible disadvantages to this juicing machine:

  • Cleaning around the hinges is a bit of a pain when juice gets trapped in there. However, this can be accomplished with a toothbrush fairly easily.
  • As with all centrifugal extractors, the Omega O2 model does not juice leafy vegetables as well as a single auger or twin gear juicer does. You can do it but the juice yield is not good and the leafy item may need to be wrapped around an apple chunk.
  • The juice quality may be an issue for some people. Because this is a low powered centrifugal juicer it may introduce more air into the juice than other juicers. It also may not deliver the highest yield from the fruits and vegetables it juices. For the average person it will probably suit them fine but some people with larger health and nutrition concerns may not be happy with this model.
  • This juicer is competing in a price range of three other juicers that may be superior in their value. Each has more power and features that are close to the price range of the Omega O2. They are worth checking out before you make a decision. The Breville compact juicer BJE200XL, the L’equip Mini juicer and the Breville JE95XL are all within $50 or less of the Omega 02 juicer’s price.

Here is a video demonstration of the juicer that I like.  I did not make the video.

In conclusion, this Omega juice extractor is a good entry level juicer backed by a strong company that most people will be very happy with.

For more specifications and good prices see the Omega O2 juicer here.  Note that some of reviews are not as good as they should be.  Some people misunderstand how the machine operates and so they give it a less than stellar review.

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