Robust 4000 Juicer by Omega Carries 15 Year Warranty!

by Jim

Omega makes the 4000 juicer similar to the Omega 02 juicer. Both of these juicers are pulp ejecting centrifugal juicers. They share similar 250 watt motors that can spin the one pound cutting blade efficiently. The 4000 juicer rotates its cutting blades and filter basket at a lower 5200 RPMs. The Omega juicer 02 pulp ejector because it is small and considered a compact must rotate at a higher speed of 6200 RPMs. Low RPMs are found to be best at producing higher quality juice in most comparisons.

The price difference is roughly $100. The 4000 model runs around $200 and carries a 15 year warranty on everything except the cutting blade which is awesome for a juicer in this price range. I don’t think any manufacturing company offers such a long warranty. Plus Omega has probably the best customer service in the juicing machine business.

Many health minded people prefer pulp ejecting centrifugal juicers in reviews because they speed up the juicing process and are considered easy to clean. Centrifugal juicers shred up the fruit and vegetable produce much quicker than single auger or twin gear juicers. And all you have to do is put a plastic bag in the pulp container and that takes care of a big portion of the mess.

This is why the Omega 4000 juicer and similar juicers are found in more homes. And they sell more than the Omega 1000 model juicer too. With the 4000 you can continuously juice without having to clean out the bowl. The 4000 will also never go out of balance like the Omega 1000 might and so many people find the Omega 4000 extractor more enjoyable to use.

Here is a list of points you should be aware of about the Omega 4000 as you consider it among your choices in juicers.

This is an extremely well made durable machine. Omega has a warranty as long as they do because they know these machines are built to last.  I have a friend whose mom just gave him an older 4000 and it is still cranking out juice even though we think it was made in the late ’70s.

The feeder chute is smaller on this model so you will have to cut some fruit and vegetables up before feeding it into the machine. The machine is designed for that size chute and works efficiently with it. Don’t be fooled by a lot of the big mouth juicers out there you see on infomercials and in department stores. Since Breville juicers introduced the big mouth feeder chutes, many cheaply made juicers that were on the market got retro-fitted with big mouth feeders. They were not redesigned for those tubes. These juicers will burn up or clog so much you’ll need to shell out more money to fix or replace them. It is not worth it to buy an inferior product even for your first juicer. Omega has continued with the design they started with and that’s why an investment in one of their machines is a better deal. The 4000 juicer is a well made machine that is well worth the money. In fact it is still a deal at around $200.

Note:  If you want a big mouth juicer look at the Breville juice fountain plus JE95XL juicer or another of the Breville machines. This particular juicer is actually a very good juicer and you won’t have to cut produce up as much. Personally I don’t mind cutting things up because I know the machine it going to work better and extract more juice if I feed it small pieces.  However, this is a personal choice so you will need to decide what you want more.

The Omega juicers last for such a long time you may only need to buy a small part every couple years or so if you juice every day. Luckily all the parts are super easy to find online.  You might not think this is important but replacing a filter basket is less expensive than a whole machine.  When I find an appliance I like, I like to be able to keep them running rather than replace them.

Many people feel this is the best juicer they have ever owned and a vast improvement over the Jack Lalanne, Juiceman JR, or Hamilton Beach juicers they have owned previously.  There is not much of a comparison here because the 4000 makes its quality obvious.

If you are looking for a regular sized juicer that is efficient, can juice almost everything except wheatgrass and can do it quickly, then you should consider the Omega 4000 extractor.

For more specifications and good prices see the Omega 4000 juicer here.

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