Review of a Single Auger Juicer Made by Samson

by Jim

The Samson GB-9001 delivers a high quality juice because the corkscrew auger rotates at a slow rate of speed. This helps extract the most nutrients from the fruit and vegetables without adding heat or too much oxidation. The GB-9001 Samson juicer comes with a 5 year warranty on parts and 10 year coverage on the motor. (Note the motors almost never cause troubles on good quality juicers. Usually the only juicers that burn out that you will read about are inferior infomercial brands like Jack Lalanne power juicers, Juiceman and other cheap store brands.)

What I really like about this single auger machine is that it is very quiet. All these type juicers tend to be the quietest and easiest to clean. Cleaning a single auger, in my opinion, is much easier than centrifugal juicers or even twin gear juicers. Centrifugal juicers usually have a couple big parts like bowls and lids as well as the large filter basket to clean. With the single auger juicers all the parts are in one assembly I can easily put into the sink and clean. In fact my Omega 8003 juicer has one part less than the Samson does so it is even easier to clean and my personal favorite juicer.

So the advantages of this juicer over centrifugal juicers are:

  • Fast to clean and set up.
  • Higher quality juice due to slow rpm rotation of the auger thereby creating less heat and oxidation.
  • Smaller juicer size that takes up less space on the counter.
  • Super quiet.
  • Ten year warranty.
  • These single auger juicers are good at juicing leafy greens like spinach and of course wheatgrass.

The disadvantages of these juicers when compared to centrifugal juicers are:

  • You have to cut the fruit and vegetables up. Carrots must be cut up to juice successfully.
  • The juicing process is slower because these juicers don’t quickly shred up the fruit and vegetables. They pressure and mash it more than a shredding process.
  • They are okay at juicing fruit but soft fruits are a little frustrating. This type of juicer is much more efficient with fibrous vegetables that auger through it. (I believe that most soft fruit should be blended into a smoothie instead of a juicer anyway. The fiber in fruit when blended will keep you from having a short sugar rush. When fruit is blended, it will take a little longer to metabolize the fruit which is a good thing. A banana should never be put in a juicer. That’s just a waste.)

Here is a video demonstrating the juicer.

In conclusion, I recommend the GB-9001 Samson juicer.

I will add though that the DUAL screen single auger juicers have been tested to produce a higher juice yield. This machine is a SINGLE screen. The dual screen model are said to deliver as much as a 25% higher juice yield. Examples of the dual screen single auger juicers are the Omega 8003/8005 or the Solo Star II juicers.

The Samson GB-9001 juicer can be found here at good prices!  Samson GB-9002 juicer is the black color.

Samson also makes the GB-9006 white and GB-9005 black model.

These are the Advanced models and for $30 more in price you get the following:

  • A 200 watt motor as compared to a 160 watt motor.
  • An auger bit that is 8 times harder.
  • A screen frame that is 8 times harder.
  • A smaller diameter mesh and less screen for easy cleaning.
  • An extended 15 year warranty.

I think you will be fine with the regular model but the added features are definitely worth the extra money.

(Note: The twin gear Samson Ultra KPE 1301 appears to be discontinued. I read a few sketchy things about the plastic housing on this juicer so I would avoid it at any rate. If you want to look at twin gear juicers, check the review on the Green Star GS-1000. These juicers by Tribest are the best of those types of juicers.)

(Samson Update:  The twin gear Green Power KPE-1304 is now being offered on the Samson website.  I am uncertain as to what the deal is with that so I will be checking on it and getting back here soon with a report.)

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