Review of Mini L’equip Juicer Details Value

by Jim

In many juicer comparisons the L’equip mini 110.5 wins the reviews, which show it to be an excellent juicer for beginners and experienced users alike. It meets many needs by way of its strong motor, compact size, superior juice yield, long warranty and of course, price.

The highlights for the L’equip mini juicer are numerous.

This juice extractor uses the same self-ejecting system as its larger predecessor the L’equip 221 which has been discontinued. So you get proven pulp ejecting system that will not allow clogging to happening.

The motor is 1/2 horse power and 600 watts. This is larger than anything else in the compact juicer niche. So this little machine can handle a lot.

The 6 year warranty/guarantee is very good. As much as I like Breville juicers this L’equip warranty crushes Breville’s 1 year warranty.

Centrifugal juicers seem like more to clean to me than say my Omega 8003 extractor but this mini juicer 110.5 is very easy to rinse and scrub up. The stainless steel bowl is significant in this process. And it won’t ever get juice stains you see common with plastic machines.

The juicer is small in size. It has a height of 11.5 inches. This makes it perfect for smaller kitchens or for traveling with.  In consumer  reviews at Amazon people have often commented on how much they appreciate the small size so they can take it with them cross country.

Juice yield from this juicer is very good. Some people think it is almost as good as the yield they get from their Green Star juice machines. I doubt that but it is probably within a few tablespoons or so. That’s excellent considering this L’equip mini juicer is a couple hundred dollars less and works off a centrifugal blade.

For a centrifugal juicer this one is very quiet. This is especially considering how powerful the motor is. You can hear the motor whine down when you turn it off. It takes a while. Also considering that motor size the juicer doesn’t dance around on the counter top which my Braun Mp80 does do a bit.
Prices range within the $120 – $140 range which is cheap for a self-ejecting juice extractor of this quality.

I feel there are only a few questionable things about this juicer.

You might need to put a bag in the pulp container. Not only is it easier for clean up but it will help seal the container to the machine. Sometimes pulp can escape between the juicer and the pulp container. It is not a big deal and fairly common among centrifugal juicers. I find that no matter how hard I try I still make some kind of mess juicing. It just goes with the territory.

The feeder tube is smaller so you will have to cut up some produce. Some people don’t like doing this because they are in a hurry. This machine is smaller hence the smaller feeder tube. I cut vegetables and fruit up when I put them in my Omega 8003 juicer and while it does take longer, the machine never bogs down. If you want to juice whole apples and huge carrots quickly, you’ll need to step up to a big machine like a Breville Juice Fountain Elite BJE200XL or the Breville Plus JE95XL.

The spout is a little low on the L’equip mini juicer. You can’t easily get a regular sized glass full of juice out from under it. You have to lift the machine up or use a lower container to gather the juice in. Then you can pour the juice into a glass. The machine works so well most people don’t this inconvenience matters.

I’m not a big fan of the clips that hold the bowl onto the motor on this juicer. They work fine. I just don’t like those types of clips very much. I prefer the clips on the Breville Juice Fountain BJE200CXL or Omega 4000 juicer. That’s just my personal preference.

In conclusion it is easy to see why the L’equip mini juicer 110.5 has such a loyal following of juicers at all levels of experience. It offers a lot of value at a low price in comparison to many other juicers on the market.

For more specifications and good prices see the L’equip mini juicer 110.5 here.

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