Green Life – Green Power – Green Star – Juicer Confusion? What is the deal?

by Jim

The Green Life juicer had a few problems that were improved with the release of the Green Star models from Tribest. Mainly the housing has become stronger and they now come with a 5 year warranty.

As you can see the differences are nearly invisible to the eye.

The whole dual gear or twin gear juicer history is involved. It dates from 1986 when a dual gear juicer machine was first introduced. Several companies at different points merged and separated from each other. Green Power was the original company for a dual gear.

Long story short is the Green Life juice extractor became the Green Star juicer extractor we know today. The Green Star is the green juicer you want. I own one and use it often. Here is an overview or review of the Green Star GS1000. I covered all I came across while using the juice extractor so I think it will be helpful to you if you are considering one of these juicers.

Tribest makes about three separate twin gear juicers. The Green Star Elite, the Green Star and the Green Star Gold GP-E1503. The Green Star Elite comes with or without pasta maker accessories. The regular Green Star, which is the one I like best, comes in several different accessory kits. The GS1000, GS2000 and the GS3000 that I own all have different amounts of accessories. The number strictly concerns to the accessories because the machine is the same in each package. This machine is the new upgrade Green Life juicer.

Green Star juicers are often talked about when discussions of treating cancer through nutrition come up. The Gerson therapy does not sanction them as far as I know and continues to use the Norwalk juicer chiefly. However, there has been much discussion about the high juice quality the Green Star and similar dual gear juicers delivers. Some people also believe the machine is friendlier to use than the Norwalk too because it needs fewer steps and less cleaning. Therefore, it appears the Green Star juicers are being adapted by more people suffering from illness.

If you are interested in more about the history of the twin gear juicer and where the Green Power, Green Life, Kempo and Green Star juicers evolved, check out this article. I thought it was an interesting read and I believe the information to be accurate from what I know.

And if you are interested in wheatgrass, I thought this site was interesting too. I learned a lot about growing my own wheatgrass on it. Grow & Juice Your Own Wheat Grass – Kits, juicers, supplies and information for growing and juicing wheat grass, barley grass. Sprouting Supplies.

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