GP-E1503 Green Power Gold Juicer is the flagship juice extractor offered by the Tribest Corporation

by Jim

This Green Power juicer is the original twin gear juicer that hit the market in the early ’90s. It is part of the “Green Star” product line but has a separate design. It is a good solid machine that comes with all the attachments you might ever want for making bread sticks, pasta, mochi as well as homogenizing many foods.

This juicer is heavier at 26 lbs than the other Green Star juicers, which run 18 to 23 lbs.  The motor is identical in watts, 190 and horse power, 1/4, to the other Green Stars.  It is also warranted for 5 years.

The differences appear to be cosmetic.  It seems to be a bulkier machine and has different placement of the on/off switch.

The Green Power Gold GP-E1503 juicer, the Hippocrates GPT-E1303 and the  Kempo juicer KPE-1304 are all somewhat related in their builds.  There seems to be a series of license agreements, which is how each came into existence and why they are so similar.

So which one is best?  Frankly, I don’t know.  It starts to be about splitting hairs when comparing them.  However, I think I would pass on all three for various reasons. 

Even though this is a good machine and I am sure will last a long time, I don’t see a reason to purchase it over one of the Green Star juicers. The Green Stars are more compact but use the same gear blades. I think they look better and you can get them cheaper.

This the Gold, Kempo and Hippocrates are all more expensive and require a little more effort to clean.

The GP-E1503 would be the best to purchase because parts and repairs would be easier to come by.  Tribest is located in California and has good customer service.  The other two juicers might be very difficult to repair or find parts for.  That does seem to be the case from what people have said in reviews.

I am kind of not sure what the machine does or offers that would even make it worth producing for Tribest.  Their regular Green Star line is killer.  However, Gold has been offered for years in its present form so people must be buying it.

The most popular twin gear juicer most people buy is the Green Star GS3000.  This juicer comes with all the attachments you can get with the Gold.  The pasta maker and break stick maker are in the GS3000 package.

So my thinking is why buy a Green Power juicer?  How much of a difference can there be?  I figure not much.

If you really want a fancy twin gear buy the $1000 stainless Angel juicer.  That is quite a machine for someone where money is not an issue.

If you just want a good solid twin gear, get one of the Green Star juicers.

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