The Greenpower Hippocrates is a twin gear juicer improved using ideas from the Hippocrates Institute

by Jim

The Hippocrates Health Institute, an authority in raw food research, got together with the inventor of the twin gear Green Power juicer, Mr. Kim, and made some small improvements to the machine. Those improvements were:

A tighter style of stainless steel grinding gear called a “Jang” was used. This gear is said to help grind up peanuts, coffee beans, sesame seeds and other more solid produce better. It also improves extraction by 5-10% over older twin gear juicer models. It is able to do this because the gears fit more finely together. This enables the cellulose walls of the vegetables or wheatgrass to be more successfully opened and therefore more nutrients and live enzymes are extracted. These enzymes and nutrients are suspended in a type of gelatinous form that is easy for the body to absorb.

The Hippocrates juicer is more compact and easier to use. In some consumer reviews people feel it is easier to clean.

Previous versions like the Green Life juicers tended to produce more foam than wanted from wheatgrass. Now the machine is a better wheatgrass juicer as well as better juicing leafy greens.

Due to the improvements made in design, the warranty was extended to 12 years on parts and motor. I believe this is the one of longest warranties available except for some of the Omega products.

Greenpower Hippocrates juicer

So what is the difference between the Greenpower Hippocrates juicer and the Green Power Gold GP-E1503 juicer or the other Green Star juicers? They are basically the same except the Hippocrates is smaller in size and uses the Jang type gears. It does juice wheatgrass a little better than the other two models.

So which is the best twin gear juicer to consider? I personally would not buy the Hippocrates juicer but go with a Green Star juice extractor instead. The Green Star GS-1000, GS-2000 or GS-3000 would be my pick for a number of reasons. See below.

(Incidentally, these Green Star juicers are all the same machine. All that is different is the extra attachments that come with each package for making nut butters, baby food, pasta, etc. The Green Star GS-1000 is the most basic package and all that most people will need.)

The reasons I would pick the Green Star over the Greenpower Hippocrates are:

The Green Star juice extractors are well backed up by the Tribest Corporation which is a local company here in California with a good reputation.

The Greenpower Hippocrates juice extractor and the Green Power Kempo KPE1304 juicer are made in Korea and imported here. They are good machines but I prefer the Green Stars over them because I think customer service will be stronger and parts easier to find.

I have heard the plastic casings are also better on the Green Star juicer than on the Green Power Gold GP-E1503 or the other similar juicers.

I like the overall design of the Green Star juicer better. It is more pleasant to my eye and looks easier to deal with. The Greenpower Hippocrates is kind of an ugly looking kitchen appliance in my opinion.

The Greenpower Hippocrates juicers are hard to find to purchase in the States. Most online stores that offer them are out of the country. That again makes me feel it is going to be a hassle if anything goes wrong with the machine and I need to get it fixed. The shipping back and forth is reliable to be too high and offset the value of the machine.

So in conclusion, I believe the Greenpower Hippocrates juicer is a good machine with an awesome warranty. However, I feel the Green Star juicers might be a more reliable purchase. More people have them which also means more familiarity and easier to find parts. Plus I feel if you were to ever sell the machine you would get better resale value out of it because of that familiarity.

I learned a bunch about wheatgrass on this site. I thought it was interesting and you might too. Grow & Juice Your Own Wheat Grass – Kits, juicers, supplies and information for growing and juicing wheat grass, barley grass. Sprouting Supplies.

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