Did I Not Start Juicing Soon Enough? Look What Happened.

by Jim

I started my quest for the best juice extractor and this website initially because I knew I needed to take better care of my health.  I needed a way to get more fruit and vegetables into my diet since I knew I wasn’t eating enough of them.  Unfortunately, as it turns out, I fear I waited a bit too long to do this.

In a 5 month period I had several health scares or instances of unpleasantness if you prefer.

I started losing weight quickly and my abdomen hurt after I ate.  The pain came but was inconsistent so I wasn’t sure if it was just a “bug” or something else.  Turned out to be something else…

In November of 2008 I first had my appendix removed.

It was done laparoscopically for which they filled my abdomen up with gas which is why it is so bloated. I don’t normally look like this.  In addition, they shaved off all my stomach hair which was weird.

About the end of December 2008 I started to feel crappy again and I was having the same kind of pain I had before the appendix was removed.

And the pain was in the same area. Plus the weight loss was still happening.

After about a month and a half of testing I finally had a colonoscopy done.  A tumor about the size of a ping-pong ball was found in my colon at the hepatic flexure.  Three days later on February 15, 2009 I found myself in the emergency room where I had a third of my colon removed.

The surgery is called a right hemicolectomy.

I was in the hospital on morphine for about a week.  Only reason I got out early was because I was constantly getting up and walking the hospital halls.  This the doctors told me helped jump-start my insides to work properly again.

The surgery exposed another condition that did not show up on the CAT scan.

It seems that not only did I have the tumor but I also had a thing called intussusception going on.  This is where the colon actually was growing over itself or said to be sleeving itself.  Maybe in a sense it was trying to self repair itself?   Just know that it didn’t work.

At this point I had dropped from 172 lbs to about 145 lbs and my wife was looking at me like I was a ghost.

After some lab testing the tumor was deemed to be benign, which was definitely nice to hear.

While trying to recover, within another month or so I started to feel that something was wrong again.

After a couple of days where I felt like I had a fever and my lower back hurt, one evening I ended up dropping to the floor in pain.  I passed out for a couple hours but when I awoke I felt odd.  Every time I went to the bathroom things just didn’t feel right.

I started a whole new array of testing.

It took about a month and I finally passed a kidney stone that was about ¼ inch long.

During the kidney stone testing it was discovered I had a hernia.

So the first week of June 2009 I went in for a hernia surgery.  This actually turned out to be the most painful for some reason.  The surgery didn’t hurt so much.  The recovery was rough though.  It was harder to move around due to the location of the wound from the hernia than the previous operations were.  And I made a bad mistake by not prepping properly before surgery.  I should have eaten nothing but vegetables and fibrous foods at least 3 days before surgery.  Reason being that everything needs to be able to pass through you easily after surgery.  I believe the anesthesia tends to clog you up and because you can’t push due to the location of the hernia wound, going to the bathroom is brutal.  Enough said.

So it was an interesting year.  I guess I should have started using my Omega 8003 juicer sooner.

The reason I shared this was to press upon you how precious having our health is.  We tend to take it for granted when it is good.  It is a dangerous game to not take some responsibility for our bodies.  They need to be treated with respect or we will suffer the consequences and it is an ugly experience to go through when things break.

I hope if you are sitting on the fence that you make an effort for yourself.

Oh, and I have to make a disclaimer here..  I cannot claim if I juiced that there is a 100% chance I would have not had the problems I did.  There is no way I could claim that.  More or less the experience just made me more aware that I might be wiser to take better care of myself and juicing every day seems like a logical precaution even though there is no guarantee.

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