Juicer by Juiceman Company Seems Sketchy Now

by Jim

At one point in the time Juiceman juicers were the talk of the town. The infomercials featuring Jay Kordich ran for over 13 years and helped juicing become widely known. Now Kordich is no longer associated with Juiceman having turned it over to Russell Hobbs, Inc. (They use to be Salton, Inc.) which merged with Spectrum Brands.  Spectrum Brands now owns George Foreman Grills, Black & Decker appliances and Toastmaster to name a few.  Is this a bad thing?

The quality of Juiceman has come under fire in recent years. They do not get more than about 3 and a half stars over at Amazon.  Jay no longer endorses the product. Juiceman along with Hamilton Beach, Jack Lalanne and several other brands tend to make cheaper juicers designed to be an introduction to juicing for newbies. The machines often wear out or break quickly. However, several of the models are more expensive and not worth the money in my opinion when you can get a better juice extractor for the same price range.

I don’t believe if you are going to start juicing you should go with an inferior machine for even $20 less when you can own an excellent machine from a company that puts serious effort into the design and support of their juicers. Companies like Omega, Champion, Green Star, Breville and L’equip all make excellent juicers in many price ranges. I recommend spending your money on better juicers and not on cheap products that will end up frustrating you. You have to figure if you buy a cheap juicer and it breaks down, you’ll have to spend a lot of time and some money in shipping to either get a new one or replace the broken one. Most of the companies that make these cheaper juicers don’t have very good customer service.

Note:  What I run into time and time again is people who swear their Juiceman or Jack Lalanne is the greatest juicer ever.  However, when I ask them if they have ever tried any other type of juicer like a Breville or Omega they say, “No.”  So with limited experience it only makes sense they would love an inferior machine.  But when you put a good machine next to a lame one and test them, the difference blatantly obvious.  I wish everyone got the chance to do that but unfortunately it is not practical.  So your left to trust guys like me or the slick infomercials and various YouTube videos.  All up to you to decide what sounds right to you.

If you are interested in juicing for the first time, expect to pay around a $100 for a good juicer that will last. An excellent juicer that costs close to the range is the L’equip Mini juicer. It offers more solid design features in this range than most other models. Plus this model has a 6 year warranty which far exceeds most juice extractor warranties.

Also look at the Breville Juice Fountain Plus as another first time juicer machine. This is another excellent machine with top ratings.

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