Is the GreenStar Juicing Extractor – Most Efficient Juicer?

by Jim

The Green Star could be the most efficient juicer in its mechanical process for the least amount of money or effort on your part. This juicer juices fruits and vegetables easily. It needs a minimal amount of produce preparation. In addition, it cleans up quickly.

See the video I did below for a basic idea how the Green Star works and how the parts go together.

Before I get into this juicer review, I want to point out a few quick things. The Green Star machine is the exact same one in all three of the packages offered by Tribest. The GS-1000 is a basic package. The GS-2000 and the GS-3000 units come with all the accessories needed for performing food processing. For example, the appliance can make pasta, bread sticks, and rice cakes.

On this page, I will review the juicer itself and not discuss all the extras that come in each package. Since the contraption is the same, you can go to the bottom of this review to see what is in the GS-2000 and GS-3000 packages. I own the GS-3000 and to be honest I don’t use the extras at all because I’m just interested in juicing.

Many people feel these juice extractors and similar twin gear juicers create the highest quality juice.

What about the famous Norwalk juicer press?  My common sense feeling tells me they are pretty close to being the same in production of juice quality but the Green Star is easier to use, clean and cheaper to buy. The Norwalk delivers more actual juice because it squeezes the pulp dry using a hydraulic press. The Green Star does not use a press but it still produces a dry pulp, which is a sign of successful juice extraction.

Tribest, the company that makes these devices, uses a twin gear technology in these and their fancier Green Power Gold GP-E1503 juicer. The twin gears grind and crush the fruit and vegetables at low RPM’s into juice. I have found it to be a highly efficient mechanical process that successfully extracts juice easily from all types of produce. The twin gear process produces a high quality of juice because it does not introduce too much oxygen into the juice. This is said to be the drawback with a centrifugal or the masticating Champion juicer. Centrifugal and to some extent masticating juicers tend to create more foam. The smaller the bubbles the more exposure to oxidation the juice has because smaller bubbles have more surface area. The Green Star does create some foam but the majority of the bubbles are larger. This means there is less surface area to be exposed to oxidation and live enzyme deterioration.

Twin gear juicers also excel in not exposing the juice to too much heat because the gears move so slowly. Friction is low. In comparison, I find the Champion’s chewing action and some centrifugal machines can often deliver a warm to the touch juice. The reason heated juice is said to be of lesser quality is that heat kills live enzymes. Getting live enzymes into your body is about the most important reason to make raw juice in the first place. That is if you believe that theory, which I tend to. You can read about live enzymes here.

While it makes some sense to me that heated juice kills live enzymes, I am not sure to what extent this is a concern. Does any juicer produce juice hot enough to reach 118 degrees, which is where the enzymes die? I doubt it and I think as long as you drink the juice shortly after you make it, you will get the maximum benefit.

As far as the Norwalk producing the highest quality juice, I question that too. My questioning comes from the fact the only report I can find done on this subject is dated 2007. Since then, juicers have gotten better. The Green Life juicer used in the study was a predecessor to the Green Star machines we see today. There was no vertical juicer or single auger juicers in the study. I have to think these newer designs would fair much higher in the study and be closer to juice quality created by the Norwalk.

What I am sure of is that the Norwalk continues to produce a higher yield of juice because of its hydraulic press. No regular juicer will compete with that. Nevertheless, to what extent does that matter if it comes down to the difference of a tablespoon of juice? I would rather have an easier machine to clean, store, and suffer the lost of a tablespoon of juice. Just my thoughts.

This could be hyperbole created by the endorsement of the Norwalk by the Gerson therapy. The therapy uses the two-step Norwalk to triturate and then press the juice out of the pulp. The clinic does not deviate from its original guidelines much. At the time the clinic was started, there were no twin gear juicers. No new technology has been tested or sanctioned by the clinic that I am aware. Therefore, people continue to tout the Norwalk as being the best. It very well might be the most thorough but best I am not so sure. You will decide for you but I feel that at a 1/4 of the price of a Norwalk juicer, the Green Star extractor will be very close to the healthiest juicer you can get.

Some basic points about these juicers:

This is a great all around juicer. It is possibly the best one you can get for your health that’s around $400-$600. How much better the juice it creates is than say an Omega 8003 extractor or other dual screen single auger juicers is up for debate. In tests done, twin gear appliances like the Green Star has been found to produce juice quality close to the Norwalk juicer. But I can’t find any recent updated scientific tests since the 2007 test.  Yet many people claim it.  At any rate, this juicer machine works very well and is thorough in its juicing process. I like mine a lot and I tend to trade off between using it and the Omega.

I felt it is much easier to clean than centrifugal juicers or the Norwalk press, which I have used before. It is slightly more to clean than the Omega 8003 but not much. There are a few more parts, which makes it a little more effort to clean. You will need to use a toothbrush to do a good job but it is not bad. I bought some little brushes at a kitchen store that work great for cleaning it. The parts are smaller and fit easily in the sink to clean. You’ll find that all juicers require some amount of cleaning and most are within a few seconds of each other as far as clean time goes. I think, the Green Star juicer is a fast machine to clean. It is not as fast to clean as the Omega 8003 but still fast.

While the Green Star is good-sized, it is easy to move around by the handle. Mine weighs about 19.8 lbs with all the housing, screen, gears, and tamper on it. The handle is very sturdy, which I like. You might not think the handle is that important but moving a juicer without one is awkward. In comparison the Champion juice has no handle, weighs 24 lbs and is clumsy to move about the kitchen. The Green Star is a larger machine so it needs some counter space when you are juicing.

The Green Star is also very quiet. It makes about the same amount of noise as single auger machines, which is about 74db. It sounds quieter than the Norwalk, Jack Lalanne, Champion, or Breville juicers when produce is put in it.

The Green Star juicer grinds up dense vegetables like carrots and beets easier than a single auger juicer and more thoroughly than the Champion juicer. The twin gears cut, grind, and crush the produce. The gears will pull some produce like leafy greens through the juicer because of the way the gears tightly fit together. I love this. To fit some vegetables into the juicer you will have to cut them up. The feeder tube is small like the Champion or Omega auger juicers but it is not bad or that time-consuming. Hey, you get a better yield out of this juicer. Juicing with this twin gear juicer is slower than centrifugal juicers but it is much more efficient and effective in its mechanical process.

I only use the wooden tamper, pusher, or plunger with the Green Star. The heavier hard plastic one is good but when it rubs on the gears, little pieces erode away on it. That means they go in the pulp and maybe in the juice. Yuck. I’d rather chance a tiny piece of wood than plastic. So far, I have never seen that happen though. It is just a personal preference for me.

This is an excellent vegetable juicer and good for juicing wheatgrass and other leafy greens. Its weakest point would be soft fruit. Then I’ve not seen a juicer that was great at soft fruit. It has been a while since I used a Norwalk and because of the press, it might be better at soft fruit. The Green Star is chiefly a vegetable juicer. It can juice fruit but not as effectively as it does fibrous vegetables. However, I have not noticed it to be a problem for me. I do agree with many people and feel that most soft fruit should be blended anyway. I juice apples, oranges, and pineapple. Sometimes I juice strawberries when I have many and I’m now juicing pomegranates. I have juiced plums and peaches in this juicer too. I find that if I run the pulp through the machine a couple times, I get a more successful yield with soft fruit. Pineapple foams like no tomorrow but it does that with every juicer I’ve used. Just about all other fruit I blend anyway.

The twin gears of the Green Stars contain magnetic and bioceramic technology. This is supposed to help with extracting more minerals and nutrients from the juicing process. I know from experience that magnets can do some interesting healing. I was involved for a while with a company called Nikken that had many magnetic healing products. I also have been exposed to the use of the magnets and water filtration. Magnets help move molecules around more rapidly when they are present. (Tape a magnet on a bruise next time you get one. The bruise will go away much faster. Alternatively, try taping a magnet to a sore muscle. The muscle will often loosen up sooner because of the magnet.) However, I have noticed that usually magnets must have direct contact for long periods to help. Also, they don’t help everyone. Some people have no reaction at all to magnets. I rather believe the way they are being used here with the Green Star juicers is having little affect because contact with the magnets is too limited. I think, it is a neat marketing ploy. They are not hurting anything and they do not detract from how well the juicer works mechanically. Definitely don’t buy this juicer thinking you will get wonderful magnetic juice. I think you would be kidding yourself.

I let a friend of mine with small children borrowed this juicer and as well as several others. He liked it but opted for the Omega 8003 because he was afraid his kids would lose some of the parts. That is just something to think about if you are introducing your kids to juicing. The Green Stars do have a few more small parts that could get lost.

Each Green Star juicer carries a 5-year warranty.

If you want to change your lifestyle and can afford the expense of a Green Star juice extractor, check on their prices. For more specifications and good prices on this device.

The Gs1000 package comes with:

  • The Fine Screen
  • Homogenizing Blank
  • Glass Juice Pitcher
  • Wooden Plunger
  • Plastic Plunger
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 5 Year Warranty

The GS2000 package comes with all the parts included with the GS1000 plus:

  • The Coarse Screen
  • Strainer
  • Drip Tray

The Green Star GS3000 package is the most commonly purchased package and comes with all the parts included with the GS1000 and GS2000 plus:

  • Two Attachments for making pasta

If you are considering the twin gear design, I would look primarily at the Green Star models. Tribest also sells the Green Power Gold GP-E1503, which is their flagship product, but I’d focus on the Green Stars. You can consider the Greenpower Hippocrates juicer, which is similar to the Green Power Gold, but again I’d steer back to the Green Star juicer machines. I think they offer more value, product visibility, replacement parts, and resale value plus company stability.

There is some confusion among the twin gear juicers. There have been twin gear “knock-off” models that have inferior plastic parts or cheap gears. You will want to stay away from those or you will throw money away. These inferior fakes break down and can’t be fixed. You will be served best by focusing on the Tribest products or the all stainless steel $1000 Super Angel juicer. These are the only twin gear brands and models I would consider right now.

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