Omega 8003 Video Review Part 1

by Jim

I finally finished my video review of the Omega 8003 juicer.  This is Part 1.  This is by far the best juicer I’ve come across so far.  It is able to juice everything well and especially leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, parsley and beet greens.

I’m impressed with the workmanship, the 10 year warranty and how easy this juicer is to use.  As you can see in Part 2 (coming soon) of my juicer video reviews it is the fastest to clean as well.  Also I doubt there is a quieter juicer on the market.

This is a juicer that will last forever and is priced just right for a serious machine.  It is a $100 more than a Jack Lalanne juicer and a lot better quality than those which don’t last and aren’t very well made.  The same price as a Champion juicer which would be an okay purchase to make in my opinion because the machine doesn’t process the produce as thoroughly in my opinion. (See my video review of that.  I found it frustrating because the machine doesn’t clear the pulp out of itself completely.)   And it is $200 less than a Green Star gs 1000 twin gear juicer and easier to clean.  (See my video on the Green Star juicer in a couple weeks.)

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