Magic Bullet Review in the Works

by Jim

I bought a magic bullet juicer a couple weeks ago because people kept asking me about it and I was curious.  I’m in the process of doing a full review but I slapped this quick video together .

This device is actually a little blender and not a true juicer.  I truly thought it was going to suck but I’m actually really liking it.  So far I’ve only made smoothies and ground some coffee with it.  I plan to cut up some carrots and try to juice those but I’m not expecting that to be too successful.

Some people prefer blending fruits and vegetables instead of juicing them.  They feel the fiber you get blending the produce is too valuable to waste.  I get that and sometimes I do blend instead of juice.  But the nutrition you get from juicing gets absorbed much faster into your body because there is no fiber to slow down the digestion.  Most of the time that is what I want.  I’ll eat a couple bites of fruit or vegetables to start the enzymes flowing into my stomach and to get some of the fiber.  Then I’ll drink the juice and that seems to work great for me.

This little blender juicer might be fine for getting a quick little glass of blended juice.  But I’ll have to review it further to find out if it works well for that.  It definitely does a fine job of making smoothies and grinding coffee.  Check out my quick video review above to see Magic Bullet in action.

Note: Magic Bullet actually has a juicer attachment.  I would not bother with this.  Juicers need real power to do a good job.  This little blender is not going to cover that.  You can see in the video I did above that when I overstuffed it, it suffered.  Even though I did overload the machine, it gives an idea of how underpowered it is for juicing.  There is no way it will do the job.  I’ll pass.

And they now have a designated juicer.  I really don’t think this is going to do anything but irritate someone.  I do not own one and I don’t even think I want to buy one to test.  That is totally biased on my part based on past experience with such products.  But just looking at it I can tell it is a centrifugal juicer and the chute is not aligned to the center of the blade.  That means balance problems right out of the gate.

If you want a juicer, get a good one or don’t bother.  The good ones make juicing so much better.  A less than stellar juicer never gets used and eventually ends up as trash or in a garage sale.

Several days later:  The up side of all this is I like the blender and also use it to scramble eggs and mix margaritas.  (I can’t be overly healthy all the time.  That would be boring and my wife fixes a killer margarita.)  And it is a great blender for those little jobs.  I know a lot of people hate them but I have not experienced any of that.

So while I do think it is a little overpriced and I didn’t need all the extra crap that comes in the large kit, I like it and would buy again.

Amazon has them and they are actually cheaper than many of the places I looked at to purchase.  Follow this link if you want to ponder getting one.

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