The Magic Bullet is not really a juicer

by Jim

(This is a review in process. I’m still reviewing this item but I wanted to get something up quickly because a lot of people asked me about it. So this is the first pass at this juicer that’s really a blender.)

The Magic Bullet juicer is not really a juicer but instead a blender and food processor. And to be honest I thought I was going to hate it. However, I’m actually kind of excited about it and I’m digging this little machine. But it is not a serious juicer. Look to the Omega 8003 juicer recently upgraded to the 8004 for a juicer that can change your life. The Bullet is just a lot of fun and quick.

I bought the 17 piece kit . The set comes with 4 party mugs, 1 tall cup, 1 short cup, the blender itself, 1 stainless steel flat blade, 1 stainless steel cross blade, 2 stay fresh lids, 2 shaker/steamer tops and 4 washer replacements. Oh, and a recipe instruction book. It is kind of a joke they include in the set the 4 washers as part of the 17 items but whatever. It’s marketing.

While the Magic Bullet will mix, chop, blend, grind, whip a number of things, for my purposes here I wanted to see what it could do along the line of juicing. I knew making a smoothie should be fine with this appliance so I decided to run that through it first. Check back here later when I attempt to run some other things through it.

As you can see in the video I ran a banana, some kefir, frozen blueberries, frozen berries (mix) and some water. You definitely need to have enough liquid or as with any blender, it won’t work to well. I used kefir alone first with the other ingredients and it wouldn’t work. Once I added the water it was a big success.

The larger cup size makes a perfect 2 cups of smoothie. That is just enough for one big glass. The party mugs hold just under the 2 cups.

First observations are that it is kind of noisy and doesn’t quite sound smooth. To be honest, I thought it sounded a little cheap. But overall the construction is decent. It isn’t an Omega, Breville or Green Star but its materials and construction feel a lot better than the Jack Lalanne juicers. Those just plain scare me.

I’m going to try putting some carrots into it later and see how that pans out. Plus I think it will demonstrate the Bullet’s limitations as far as juicing is concerned.

Before I bought the Magic Bullet I thought that it was as most infomercial driven products turn out to be, junk. You will still find a lot of disgruntled buyers out there in reviews on Amazon and other places. That is usually not a good sign. And I don’t know if mine will last that long but I’m sure having fun with it so far.

There is a one year limited guarantee you get if you fill out and send in a card for the juicer/blender. Or you can get a 4 year warranty on it for $14.97. This seems a little odd to me. Why not make a product that is good enough to warrant for all 4 years from the get go? So this isn’t exactly confidence building but I bought the Magic Bullet anyway. Time will tell if it lasts that long. In the meantime, I’m going to use the heck out of it.

The blender comes with a handy instruction book that contains recipes for all the different food processing things it can do. I found this book to be well written with an easy to read layout and very helpful.

I got mine here .

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