The Juice Extractor I Rated as the Best

by Jim

Let’s get straight to why I made the juicer choice I did.

The Omega 8003 is my best rated juicer for a whole series of reasons. Important factors are versatility, warranty, motor strength, size, juice quality and yield, price, and ease in cleaning.

Here is a quick outline why I feel this is the best juice extractor for most people:

The single auger process by which this juicer squeezes the juice out of the vegetable and fruit pulp make it highly efficient. Leftover pulp is extremely dry in most cases.  All the pulp gets run through the machine and nothing gets stuck inside.

The warranty on this juicer is 10 years. The new upgraded models like the 8004 and 8006 have a 15 year warranty. That is crazy! Green Star, which an excellent but more expensive machine gives only a 5 year warranty. Breville is a one year. The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer is 90 days. You think Omega believes in their product? Ah, yeah they do. Made me feel good about buying one.

This extractor is super quiet. You can juice in the morning and hardly wake anyone.

The appliance has a strong motor but it is not heavy or awkward to move like the Champion.  It has a very nice handle.

The Omega 8003 and the Omega 8005 are the same machine.  The 8004 and 8006 with their stronger augers are the same machine.  All can juice leafy green vegetables as well or better than most other juicers. Many juice extractors cannot juice leafy greens well or at all.  These machines do an exceptional job.

The juice yield is much better than centrifugal juicers as well as other masticating juicers like the Champion.

The quality juice delivered is extremely close to what the Green Star and Norwalk juicers can deliver. I am not a scientist but I have seen some reports on testing the efficiency of different juicers. From personal experience I cannot imagine that the quality from this Omega being that far removed from those other two expensive juicers.

At around $230 to $300, depending on the Omega 8003, 8004, 8005 or 8006 model, it doesn’t cost as much as the twin gear juicers like the Green Star. While I think the Green Star is a great juicer, at $450+ they are expensive. You need to make a bigger commitment to own one and use it.

This Omega is by far the easiest juicer I’ve seen to clean. It is almost as easy to clean as a regular ole reamer style citrus juicer. Seriously, if you hate cleaning juicers, this machine is the one for you. It is a breeze to clean.

Read my full review and see video of the Omega 8003 juicer here.

This is my favorite juicer and I personally feel the best one all around. If you are interested, click here to see where to get one at the correct price so you don’t over pay for one.  I got mine on Amazon and after checking every where, they had the price and quick shipping I was willing to pay.

NOTE: The Omega upgrades for the 8004 and 8006 include: A different built in handle and a stronger black auger. Plus a 15 year warranty as compared to the 10 year warranty of the 8003. Otherwise the 8004 is the same machine as the 8003 juicer seen in the above picture. The 8003 continues to be available and doesn’t look like it is going to be discontinued anytime soon.

Interested in juicing and growing your own wheatgrass?  Check out this site.  I learned some things and maybe you will too.

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