L’equip 206 is Not a Serious Juicer – You Do Not Want This

by Jim

The L’equip 206 juicer does not rate highly among electric citrus fruit juicers. It looks cool and cute but just doesn’t function well enough to be considered by anyone serious about extracting good juice from lemons, oranges or lime. This kind of machine is honestly more interesting to admire for its looks than it is to use. It conjures memories of the robot from the old “Lost in Space” TV show.

I feel this juicer is over designed. It is under powered. The reamer is too small and blocks up with pulp quickly. And you can’t comfortably get your hand and fingers around the juicer bowl. This machine is the kind of gift you give dad on father’s day and he later throws out.

Why L’equip decided to put a computer into a small simple juicer makes no sense to me. The idea is the reamer is supposed to adjust in speed as needed as you juice the citrus. Why do we need that? It’s too much. The concept of juicing citrus is very simple. Manual citrus juicers work very well so why do we need a computer controlled one that is under powered? Silly.

The L’equip 206 juicer is so under powered if you push too hard, the motor stops. This is common in cheaper citrus juicers. My Braun Mp80 juicer, which I love, will bog for a second and then the reamer spins the other way. It recovers fast and well. The L’equip just stops and has to cool down and reset itself.

The reamer is too small and the straining bowl clogs up with pulp after just a few halves of grapefruit or oranges get juiced. This kind of thing drives me nuts. It slows the whole process of juicing down to a crawl. It’s difficult to get large fruit like grapefruit onto the reamer and still fit into the bowl.

A citrus juicer should be simple, powerful, and easy to clean. It needs to function well. I feel that this little funky looking juicer is just not up to the task. I expect to see many of them for sale at garage sales or people will send them back to the stores they bought them from in a matter of days.

So do you still want to find the best citrus juicer? The Breville Citrus Press 800 CPXL is a killer juicer and my personal favorite because of the handle and juice dome. Other machines are the 85 watt CitriStar Juicer by Tribest and the Waring PCJ218 Citrus Juicer. All three of these juicers get excellent reviews.

Note: I believe this juicer has been discontinued which is good. It isn’t on Amazon anymore which is not a good thing to happen to a product. 10-14-09

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