Champion 2000 juicer review video demonstrates juicing abilities

by Jim

I finally finished my Champion 2000+ juicer review video. This is Part 1 above. Part 2 will be up soon. Shortly I’ll be upgrading my Champion 2000+ juicer text review too to reflect what I discovered during my use of this household juicer. To be honest, I was not impressed by this machine. It works and you can get by with it but there are many juicers on the market that are just a lot better in my opinion. I’m a bit puzzled as to why everyone doing juicer reviews seems to pay lip service when they write reviews about it. The juicer design seems outdated and it isn’t very effective in it’s processing of fruit and vegetables when compared to the Omega 8003 or 8005 juicers, the Breville juicers or the Greenstar twin gear juicers. Check out the video(s) and see what you think.

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