Cool Citristar Juicer by Tribest is Next Step Up in Citrus Juicing

by Jim

I have a Braun MPZ22 citrus juicer that was very good but this Citristar juicer is much better. It is still a simple reamer style juicer but with just a few nice design touches it trumps the Braun.

Here are the design features I love about the Tribest Citristar juicer:

  • The stainless steel filter screen makes for a quick clean up.
  • The cord is easily stored underneath the juicer. This simple little detail is important to me because it seems I am always fighting with appliance cords.
  • The stainless steel spout can be locked up to prevent drips. The way the spout is curved and tilts up much more efficiently than the Braun did.
  • The entire bowl tilts forward which helps gravity dictate juice flow and eliminate pulp clogs. In my Braun MPZ22 the juice often got stuck in the bowl and wouldn’t come out because the bowl had no tilt to it.
  • The small size lets me leave it out on the counter even in my small kitchen.

So are there any drawbacks to this machine?

  • Only one I know of is it is not dishwasher safe.  At my house I’m the dishwasher so that’s not really a problem.

If you need a small and highly efficient citrus juicer, get this juicer.   You’ll love it just like everyone else loves this machine.  On Amazon the machine is rated 4 and a half stars overall in reviews.  And at the time of this writing there were 242 reviewers chiming in.

Tribest Citristar juicer can be found here at good prices!

Here is a basic video showing the Citristar in action.  I did not make this video.  The video shows how the parts fit together and the basic operation of the machine.

I also am not so sure about cutting oranges this way as demonstrated and I would not juice anything but citrus with this juicer.  I would not juice pomegranates with it.  I would use a single auger or twin gear juicer for that.

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